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Minio K8S bucket operator

An operator to automatically create and update S3 buckets on Minio, with their accounts.

One deployed, this tool will allow you to automatically create Minio accounts associated with buckets.


You will need:

  • kubectl access to the target cluster
  • A running Minio instance, and especially:
    • The URL where the API of the instance can be reached
    • The root credentials


The operator can be installed using the following commands:

kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f

Known limitation

The operator install a deployment on the default namespace. Currently, only this namespace is supported!

Configure instance

In order to create buckets, the operator needs to know how to reach the Minio instance.

You first need to secret similar to that one:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
  name: minio-root
type: Opaque

Replace <MINIO_ROOT_ACCESS_KEY> and <MINIO_ROOT_SECRET_KEY> with the appropriate values.

You can then declare a Minio instance simiarl to that one:

apiVersion: ""
kind: MinioInstance
  name: my-minio-instance
  credentials: minio-root


Minio itself can be located outside of the Kubernetes cluster.

Create a bucket

You are not ready to create your first bucket!

Here is a basic bucket example:

apiVersion: ""
kind: MinioBucket
  name: first-bucket
  # The name of the minio instance
  instance: my-minio-instance
  # The name of the bucket to create
  name: first-bucket
  # The name of the secret that will be created
  # by the operator which contains credentials to 
  # use to access the bucket
  secret: first-bucket-secret

More complete example

Here is a more complete example that makes use of all the available options:

apiVersion: ""
kind: MinioBucket
  name: my-bucket
  instance: my-minio-instance
  name: my-bucket
  secret: my-bucket-secret
  # This must be set to true to allow unauthenticated
  # access to the bucket resources. Use this to host a
  # static website for example
  anonymous_read_access: true
  # Enable versioning on the bucket => keep old versions
  # of uploaded files
  versioning: true
  # If specified, a quota will be applied to the bucket, in bytes
  quota: 1000000000
  # Prevent files from being removed from the bucket. This parameter
  # can not be changed, once the bucket has been created
  lock: true
  # Data retention policy. Versioning must be enabled to allow this
    # The number of days data shall be kept
    validity: 100
    # compliance => nobody can bypass the policy
    # governance => users with privileges might bypass policy restrictions
    mode: compliance